Introduction To Kamille Foundation

Welcome to Kamille Foundation, everyone! We hope that your time here is very beneficial and exciting! If you don't already know who we are, let us give a brief introduction. We are a community-based foundation that provides all-around service to single mothers and their families. Services range from financial assistance to housing or mental health barriers. We also hold workshops for children from single-mother homes. The best part, all of our programs are FREE!

Kamille Foundation was started with the mission of helping single mothers with complex needs in Ontario and St. Vincent gain a better life. We wanted to help single mothers accomplish their goals and become the best versions of themselves. Here at Kamille Foundation, some of our values include providing a welcoming environment, hope for growth and recovery, being able to choose your own goals, mutual respect, and transparency. Our top priority is making sure that you get the help and support that you think is right for you.

We also help a wide variety of other clients, including abusive women, OW/ODSP clients, incarcerated women, and children in the foster care system. We understand that as a single parent, you may face plenty of struggles, such as financial barriers, emotional barriers, housing problems, societal stigmas, and difficulties caring for your child. For this reason, our programs are geared towards these struggles. We offer support groups on emotional regulation, social skills, academic success, parenting skills, employment, and more!

Wrap program is a 10-week program that helps with so many areas of life, including job search, mental health support, food safety, relationship building with children, and more. It also includes group chats, one-on-one coaching, and self-assessments. We also have a 12-week employment program that teaches basic computer skills, financial management, resume/cover letter writing, and workplace training.

We hope that you are interested in the variety of support that we offer. If you are interested in accessing our programs or just need help in general, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! We look forward to working with you!

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