Getting Through A Breakup

When we first enter into a relationship, we typically truly believe that it will last forever. This explains why we are so devastated if it ends. Oftentimes, your other half is now gone from your life and that is a significant loss. While the breakup is hard on both people, it is especially hard on mothers who are tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the kids. Let's talk about the main stages of a breakup, to help you get through them no matter what stage you may currently be in.

The first stage is denial and loneliness, where a person may deny that the breakup even happened. They may fear being alone so they may convince themselves that they are still committed to their ex-partner.

The next stage is anger, where the partners may feel anger towards each other and sometimes even take this anger out on other people. They may blame each other for the breakup. Oftentimes, the anger is actually hiding a feeling of sadness.

The third stage is depression. At this point the ex-partners may feel helpless and not want to do anything. They may not eat or sleep properly and will fall into a period of despair.

The last stage is acceptance, where the decision to breakup has been cemented and the people realize that the relationship is over. They accept that there is no going back and there is no point worrying over something that is in the past.

If you are in any of these stages, the most important step to recovery is to be kind to yourself. This means that you should realize you are going through a major life change that is hard to deal with. Being kind to yourself also means that you get the help that you need, whether it is professional help from a therapist, or support from your friends to just talk. Also, try not to blame the other person for the breakup, as this will do more harm than good. Instead, it may be the case that no one is to blame and it just wasn't the right time. Finally, try to incorporate healthy coping mechanisms, whether that is exercise, meditation, or journaling. Find what works for you and stick to a routine that keeps you distracted from thinking about the breakup. Remember, this is just temporary and you will get over it!

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