Sakeenah is a religious studies institute that focuses on teaching the recitation of the Quran, the Holy Book in Islam.

Read below to learn the concepts, colours, and font choices behind this logo!

Sakeenah Logo

~ Concept

The Arabic word sakeenah relates to peace of mind and tranquility, which is what the institute aims for learners taking its courses. A peaceful state of mind and a judgement-free zone is a fundamental part of learning effectively.

The institute exclusively enroles women into its classes, which is why a women's figure is represented in the logo; it offers a familiar symbol that learners can relate to and trust.

~ Colour choices

The primary colour in this logo is Purple (#b28dff).

Strongly associated with peace, this colour perfectly aligns with the core beliefs and goals of the institute. Purple also evokes feelings of wisdom and creativity, other important factors in learning and growth.

~ Font choices

The font used in the logo is Bell MT. As an elegant serif font, Bell MT portrays a perfect balance of respectability and comfort. This gives viewers the feeling that the insitute is trustworthy and offers a learning environment that is calm and stable.

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