Into His Mind is a page I created that raises awareness for men's mental health, an area that is typically ignored and not talked about. The page's goal is to remove the stigma around men's mental health and teach men that it's okay to open up about their feelings and experiences.

Read below to learn the concepts, colours, and font choices behind this logo!

Into His Mind Logo

~ Concept

This logo is intended to portray the idea of men's minds being locked and the page being the "key" to unlocking them. By unlocking their minds, the page reveals the true feelings and struggles of men whose mental health is negatively affected by stigma and society.

The person has a lock on his head, and the key can be found within the wordmark "Into His Mind".

~ Colour choices

The primary colours in this logo are Yellow (#fcb644) and Green (#485c51).

Yellow is used to evoke positive emotions such as happiness, confidence, and enthusiasm, while green is used to portray growth and health.

By combining these two colours (which are also constantly used in the Instagram posts), men are given the a feeling of optimism about their mental health; they feel as though they can grow from a place of stigma and judgement to a place of positivity and self-acceptance.

~ Font choices

The font used in the logo is Titan One, a bold font with a bold personality. The goal of using this font was to inspire action and get viewers to feel motivated.

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