Reducing Stress

In addition to the everyday stressors that everyone faces, single mothers have to deal with plenty of other stressors that are unique to their situation. This doesn't help, because they have a lot more responsibilities than a dual-parent household. This is why we think that this blog post will help so many single mothers with a very prevalent issue.

How each mother deals with her stress will differ because there are so many different ways to destress. However, we will offer some of the most common ones so that you can try them out and see which ones work for you. If there are some ways that we did not mention, feel free to comment (maybe someone will benefit from your comment!).

One way that we're sure you've heard many times but that is very important is to manage your breathing. Taking deep and slow breaths allows us to be less tired and anxious. When we are stressed, we tend to lose control of our breathing which makes the problem even worse. In the moment you are stressed, try to focus all your attention on your breathing so that you can calm yourself down before tackling the problem.

Also, try not to let problems fester, which means that you should try to deal with problems as they arise. Don't procrastinate because that usually makes small problems that could have easily been dealt with into a large problem that takes significant time and stress to deal with. Planning a routine may also help with this. For example, you could dedicate a certain day for laundry so that you don't forget it until there is a huge pile.

Another way to destress is to get out of the house. Fresh air makes us feel alive and happy. A bonus would be to get your kids involved with your hobbies too! Take them for a walk. This gives you a chance to both spend some quality time with them and take care of yourself.

Finally, focus on the outcome, not the steps and struggles to get there. Remember how great it will feel when you finally accomplish your goals, and this will help you minimize how stressed you feel when things don't go completely your way.

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